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Funding Suite software manages purchasing, analysis and cost accounting for credit reports and more from an iPad friendly, centrally managed platform.

Funding Suite is iPad friendly, internet based software through which mortgage lenders can order credit reports, control spending, analyze credit files, review spending patterns using visual dashboards and instantly increase the qualifying potential of nearly every applicant. Other systems may provide paper credit reports – but its our software that will help you save money and close more of your current applicant pool.

Funding Suite software also connects directly to our support center through an interactive communication dashboard. You’ll always know the status of every open order without ever sending an e-mail or picking up the phone. The best way to evaluate the benefits of the Funding Suite credit management system is to see it in action during a short web demo. Contact us to arrange a demonstration today.

Funding Suite | Credit & Spending Management

Interactive credit reports help lenders identify and resolve issues that may otherwise slow down loan applicant processing. Track spending by applicant, branch or user using interactive dashboards – and if desired push all financial responsibility down to the user level.


Funding Suite is
iPad & Smart Phone Ready

Securely access and analyze new or existing credit from an iPad or Smartphone

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Funding Suite’s
Intelligent Credit Reports

Sorts by borrower, bureau, creditor type and even reveals troublesome comments.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Drill down maps display credit pulls by location, graphs track costs per applicant, open orders and more.

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Credit Management Software with
Robust Spending Controls

Control user purchasing access or push financial responsibility down to branch or loan officer.

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Customer Service Collaboration

Social media style, threaded conversations can be viewed across all loans.

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Legitimately Improve Applicant Credit Scores

Many credit scores can be effortlessly increased in 72 hours. Funding Suite tells you which ones – and by how much.

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Funding Suite e-Folder

Upload and store a credit authorization one time – and it is automatically matched to any future verification or rescoring order.

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Stay On Top Of
All Open Orders

Visual dashboards to keep you informed of the status of all verifications, tax and rescoring orders in real time.

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software matters

The software used to purchase and analyze credit reports is an important managerial tool for running an efficient mortgage lending operation. Funding Suite provides additional value by offering detailed cost accounting, business dashboards and the most advanced credit analysis tools in the industry. We are simply the best credit reporting agency for lenders.


credit reporting intelligence

Funding Suite offers robust business intelligence dashboards that provide insight into all of your credit related spending patterns - highlighting opportunities for savings.
Funding Suite Business Intelliigence

Intelligent Credit Analysis
Funding Suite provides simple software tools which permit lenders to easily filter credit reports by tradeline type or search for a specific creditor. Quickly locate tradelines with troublesome comments such as “consumer dispute” or “short sales” – or if needed filter the report by specific bureau. And all applicants are instantly assessed for score raising potential.

Business Intelligence
Funding Suite provides dashboards with easy to read graphs, charts and reports that help lenders identify how much where money is being spent and for what purposes. Easily identify spending patterns by branch or user and see how much each spends on specific applicants. Full reports can be imported into your accounting system.

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