Data Movement Can Prosper Our Clients

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Data Movement Can Prosper Our Clients

by William DiPaolo

I just got off the phone with Alan, my partner. We took back to back vacations – which (except for a joint client fly-by in the middle) we haven’t seen or spoke with each other in two weeks.

When I hung up the phone I realized how much I had missed him. There are a lot of projects flying around the company right now – and in these times, Alan is a good guy to have beside you.

Our joint perspective on life and business, garnered over a decade working with each other, allows the creation of incredible software architectures. Our software intersects with business processes in order to enhance those processess for all that participate in the system. You could say we like to dream up ways data movement can prosper our clients. This is easy for us because we continually think in data movement.

And because our jobs are to create software.

I am glad to do the work with you, Alan.


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