Credit Proofreading: A New Referral Strategy

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Credit Proofreading: A New Referral Strategy

by William DiPaolo

Credit Proofreading: A Referral Strategy

Although Funding Suite introduced credit proofreading tools to the mortgage industry almost two years ago Рits seems that it only recently caught on. I imagine that tightening credit requirements require mortgage originators to help more and more applicants legitimately and quickly raise credit scores.

This is impossible without good credit proofreading technology. I’m happy to see a lot more originators embracing these tools and using them to offer a valuable service to their applicants.

In a recent article published in The Niche Report magazine, I wrote about a strategy to significantly increase referral business by correctly positioning credit proofreading to each and every loan applicant. By the volume of e-mail I’ve already received, it appears to be the right strategy for these challenging times.

I’ve posted a copy of the article for you here.

Good luck and please e-mail or comment here with any success stories you may have.

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