Cogent Road Earns Top Servicer Award

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Cogent Road Earns Top Servicer Award

by William DiPaolo

 For the fifth time, Cogent Road has earned a spot in the Mortgage Industry’s Top 50 Award list.

2011 proved to be a great year for us – and the momentum has really picked up in 2012. Last month was the largest revenue month the company has ever had – and Cogent Road continues to work with larger and larger lenders. We recently completed a system to system integration with Quicken Loans for credit reporting, and we expect significant growth from this partnership going forward.

I am also very excited about the possiblilities of our Roohmz Mortgage platform – as it continues to evolve into something very interesting. As compliance rules, government regulation, communication burdens, document management and workflow oversight become more important, Roohmz is steadily becoming an operating system for overall operational governance. Recently I’ve had a string of conversations with industry heavyweights currently raising capital to create what they believe will be the next generation of mortgage lender. It is exciting to see that we all agree that Roohmz supports their vision so perfectly.

And lastly we’ve added a number of new people to our management team. Some have moved up through different positions over the years, others come to us with prior executive experience in the mortgage industry. We’ve even added new engineering talent. The creative energy is at an all time high – and the financial side is tracking right along with it.

Wonderful times.

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