Mobile Friendly Credit Data Management System

Use Funding Suite to purchase and analyze credit reporting data for loan qualifying.

Funding Suite is an easy to use, state of the art credit management platform that automatically analyzes credit data and even suggests strategies to improve scores in just 72 hours. Administrators can create new users in seconds – while ensuring individuals or branches are responsible for their own charges.

Easy to read dashboards provide insight into your customers, spending patterns by applicant and even locational analysis for all credit pulls by branch or individual. Contact us for a brief demonstration today.


Easy to read dashboards help you track costs and find areas to improve. Export detailed reports into Excel to be sorted by branch or loan officer.

Advanced Billing & Cost Controls

Manage purchases and payments across different locations from one Funding Suite account.

Funding Suite provides extremely powerful cost accounting tools to satisfy even the most demanding corporate users. Large organizations can set up regions, branches or individual users as separate P&L centers, complete with independent invoicing. Purchase for every product and service can be managed all the way down to the user level. Real time reporting provides corporate with a quick snapshot of purchase activity by location and or region. Roll up reporting provides executives with a detailed transaction history for the entire organization, while branch managers may view results generated by users in their location(s) only.


Integrated Credit Score Analysis & Rescoring Tools

Recover 15% of your initially credit declined applicants by legitimately raising credit scores in 72 hours.

Funding Suite offers real-time credit scoring analysis on every single credit file. Every credit file is scanned by our software to reveal legitimate means to improve the score within 72 hours. Our technology scans for any data issues that can be quickly resolved, and even reveals how much these changes will increase the credit score. It even identifies if your user is an authorized user on any account that is harming his credit score – and shows what the new score may be if you remove him from the account. Results can be delivered in a full color, private labeled step by step plans that you can e-mail to your applicants to boost referrals.


Real Time Business Dashboards

Look into the spending patterns by group, branch and loan officer to identify areas for improved cost savings.

With mortgage origination margins thinner than ever, its important to have a good understanding of the cost of goods for each applicant. Funding Suite helps its clients analyze the cost accounting data generated during the mortgage origination process in ways that offer insight into how to improve business efficiency. Colorful, interactive graphs and charts reveal how spending patterns by user or department for specific applicants – or products categories. Spending can be broken down by time ranges or even sorted by credit scores to identify the actual costs to assemble mortgage applications. And detailed financial reports can be imported into directly into your accounting software.


Loan officers can be responsible for their own charges without any financial liability to corporate. Management can even fund loan officer accounts per closed loan if desired.

Separate Loan Officer Billing

Removes all liability for any charges incurred by specified loan officers or agents.

With a single click, loan offers (or even entire departments) can be assigned responsibility for their own bills. Funding Suite completely protects the corporate account from all fiscal responsibility for the loan officers charges. Once a loan officer is assigned to pay their own bills, Funding Suite automatically collects the required credit card information from the user upon their next log in. The user may then elect to pay as he goes, may pay by the month, or anywhere in between, its easy and completely up to the user. Best of all, even though users are responsible for their own charges, all orders still count toward volume discounts for the entire organization.


EquityID Gives You A Technology Edge on Your Competition

Funding Suite clients get access to a detailed property valuation report that includes an instant equity assessment with a robust comparison analysis.

This detailed property report includes the real time, computer appraised value of the home – along with its probable equity amount. You can order these reports at any time, on any residential property in the country by simply entering the address. Use EquityID to close bigger loans – or provide it to real estate agents in exchange for referrals. You can even offer this valuable report as a gift for your borrowers to ensure they are paying a fair price for their new home. Funding Suite brands each EquityID report with your company’s logo to enhance your market presence.


Fully integrated ordering panel for personal and business tax transcripts along with W2s. Upload the 4506T into our e-folder and it will be automatically matched with the order. You are notified the moment it is complete.

Integrated Access to 1040s and W2 Transcripts directly from the IRS.

Use our integrated access to the IRS to order transcripts online – and receive them in 48 hours.

Funding Suite makes it easy to obtain these IRS documents directly from the IRS and delivered securely into your Funding Suite system in a 128 bit encrypted PDF. Every IRS order is stored in the Funding Suite system – and can be retrieved easily for later use. Since each order is tracked back to the user, department, branch and office that ordered it – Funding Suite ensures proper cost accounting. When it comes time to close, the IRS order is tracked back to the borrower so that it may appear on our Dynamic Invoice for proper reimbursement at the closing table.


Funding Suite private labelling for mortgage lenders

Integrated Private Labeling

Add your logo to many of Funding Suite borrower facing software screens and reports

Funding Suite software comes with the industry’s widest assortment of legitimate credit score improvement tools. When these tools are used correctly, mortgage originators strengthen applicants’ credit files by removing file inaccuracies. To help these originators stand out from their competition, Funding Suite clients can private label these credit improvement strategies with their own logo. In this way, simply by using Funding Suite software, mortgage originators can present advanced capabilities to their clients and referring sources – thus strengthening word of mouth business.


Integrated Automated Valuation Model Ordering with Full Property History

Funding Suite offers a fully integrated AVM ordering platform with real-time access to the nations’ leading automated valuation models.

Funding Suite offers the only standardized AVM viewer to ensure consistency in data evaluation regardless of the company supplying the AVM data. This is possible because Funding Suite parses all AVM data elements – and compiles the report dynamically. Larger mortgage lenders may create unique AVM reports with our customized AVM analysis tools which merge data from up to five different AVM providers into one comprehensive report. All AVM reports are stored at no cost – and can be recalled at any time in the future.

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