Good Software Needs No Promotion

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Good Software Needs No Promotion

by William DiPaolo

The past several months have been a whirlwind. A cyclone actually, with all of us caught up and tossed through the air like ragdolls at amazing speeds. There were times when it was difficult to even follow a thought through to its end.

Since my last post on December 24th Cogent Road has:

  1. Moved into our new, larger and much cooler tech-forward office,
  2. Landed our very first, appropriately sized lender on Roohmz Enterprise,
  3. Identified a very competent financial whiz to help us navigate cash-flow challenges,
  4. Started work on our Quantum Database,
  5. Applied for our first patent surrounding our artificial intelligence engine,
  6. Implemented a new quality control process for Cogent Road’s digital services,
  7. and added both a VP of Account Leadership and a VP of Corporate Messaging.

And we’ve done all this without any investment capital.

My partner and I funded Cogent Road by building the Funding Suite credit platform in 2007. Clients use Funding Suite to order credit reports, tax transcripts, flood certificates and associated services. The software succeeds because we built it to transit (arrange and move) data in ways that add economic value to our clients. We build software this way because we know that customers will naturally use the system that provides the greatest economic value. Other companies may perceive that offering a lower price would achieve economic value over a competing, more expensive system. And, this is partially correct. Yet, it is much more important to build systems that transit data in ways that CREATE NEW VALUE out of existing data.

Ways to create value in software come from the different ways the software arranges data – be it for analysis, reporting or decision making. If our system does a better job in this area – our software creates greater value for the customer because it removes friction in their operational processes. Businesses with the least “digital” friction make more money  – in the same way that an object moving with less friction covers more ground with the same energy. Never forget, good software optimizes data transit in ways that increase “economic value” while minimizing operational friction.

Funding Suite grows organically as people use it. We do not have sales people, we do not attend tradeshows and we do not market. Instead we focus on supporting current clients and solving problems through better data arrangement. Think of it this way – if your software is going to help you it must first understand HOW to help you – and then learn how to it better. It is therefore our belief that companies will seek out our software because it improves their business performance.

Our latest application, Roohmz Enterprise, goes further because it can be taught to understand and enforce a client’s unique business process. We follow the quantum tenants of “string theory” in which our architectural design must be able to adapt to ALL possible situations from its present architectural foundation. Sounds impossible until you discover that quantum law serves as a faithful blue print. Therefore we use the concepts of “entanglement”, “fractal imaging”, and even our new synaptic database structure to create a software platform that can be easily understood today – yet can grow significantly more powerful over time. Roohmz is therefore able to be continually improved based on what we learn through its use.

One last note. One of the most important precepts of quantum theory is that sustainable systems must be supportive of those that participate in the system. For example, a black hole can not exist unless the information that disappears into the black hole remains in tact. Otherwise, the black hole would be “destructive”, catastrophically sucking the entire universe into its “nothingness”. Roohmz is a PROSPEROUS SYSTEM – and purposely designed to prosper ALL those who participate with it as either a data provider, client or client’s client.

I find it unlikely that I will ever need promote this fact – other than the way I have done it here.

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