Introducing Taxdoor

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Introducing Taxdoor

by Joe Dahleen

 Taxdoor Releases Industry’s First Paperless Tax Transcript Service

New Cogent Road Subsidiary Eliminates Labor Intensive 4506-T Management Process

     San Diego, Calif.—October 19, 2015—Taxdoor, a new division of Cogent Road Inc., has introduced its flagship product—Taxdoor— the innovative SaaS that for the first time will make ordering IRS transcripts as simple and easy as ordering a credit report. Cogent Road plans to introduce its Taxdoor division during the National MBA conference in October.

Taxdoor solves a significant problem that lenders face—the time consuming and inefficient process of verifying a customer’s stated income with tax transcripts from the IRS. This typically involves the collection of a signed 4506T form from applicants, which must be reviewed and matched to the correct tax order and delivered to the lender’s tax vendor. (If 1040s and W2s are needed, two signed 4506T forms are required.) If the 4506T has any errors, such as an incorrect match of applicant’s address to tax year, the IRS will reject the order, requiring a repeat of the entire process.

Taxdoor is the streamlined Internet/mobile solution to obtain accurate IRS transcripts within 48 hours and without the need a signed 4506T form upfront. When the tax transcript is requested, the applicant is instantly notified via text and/or e-mail and uses a smart phone, tablet or PC to verify or update their addresses for each tax year requested. Upon verification, Taxdoor creates correctly populated 4506Ts based on IRS regulations, which are then digitally signed in accordance with Federal e-sign regulations. Once signed, the 4506Ts are automatically delivered to the IRS electronically in order to authorize the release of the requested tax transcripts. As soon as it’s received by the IRS, the request is processed and the lender receives the transcript within in 48 hours.

“Ordering tax transcripts has always been a labor-intensive process for lenders; one that is subject to time-consuming errors, rejections and processing delays,” said Joe Dahleen, Taxdoor President. “We have the technology to change that and borrowers are eager to adopt it. We developed Taxdoor to be a lender-friendly way to mitigate risks, increase overall production and eliminate 4506T related labor costs and reduce processing problems for everyone involved in the loan transaction.”

One of Taxdoor’s key benefits is the ease with which borrowers are able to authorize the release of their tax transcripts. Lenders simply place transcript orders electronically and no longer need to invest labor into the burdensome process of collecting, reviewing and delivering signed IRS forms. Taxdoor efficiently manages the entire 4506T signing process on behalf of its lender clients, ensuring that the IRS forms are completed, signed and delivered in full compliance with IRS policies. In addition to the requested tax transcripts, Taxdoor also ensures the lender receives the signed 4506Ts.

“Not only does Taxdoor significantly enhance the borrower experience, but lenders can now easily obtain IRS verified income data earlier in the qualification process,” said Dahleen. “Lenders and loan originators will be able to highlight this solution as one of their special service features.”

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San Diego-based Cogent Road provides enterprise-wide, cloud applications for the mortgage industry. Current solutions include Funding Suite®, a data purchasing and analytics platform, Roohmz Enterprise, an automated loan production platform and Taxdoor, a single click IRS transcript solution. Its solutions are used by more than 6,000 mortgage originators nationwide. For more information about Cogent Road, visit


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