Our Kind of Toys

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Our Kind of Toys

by William DiPaolo

Back in September of 2011 all of San Diego county experienced a power outage that lasted almost 12 hours. While we were all happy to know that our datacenter backup power worked as expected, our office wasn’t as fortunate. The length of the outage quickly burned through our office back-up generator and quickly cut us off from clients. It was a situation that made us rethink the idea of continual power to the office itself, not just the data center.

We were able to solve the problem with a diesel powered generator that can run for nearly 15 hours. Fuel fill-ups can keep us going through an Armageddon.

We are just getting it hooked up and will be simulating a full power outage to test our failover capabilities. Check out our new toy below.

20140620_141240     20140620_141321

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