The Symphony of Harmony

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The Symphony of Harmony

by William DiPaolo

During the integration process with a vendor we were asked to define our competitive advantage. I’ve been thinking about the question this weekend and wanted to share a few ideas here.

In a sentence, Cogent Road’s competitive advantage is our software’s ability to increase the economic value of our client’s data.

We are “road-workers” in the literal sense in that our business is building data highways, so to speak. We create the networks through which data travel – and we tighten up these roadways so that there are as few slow spots as possible.

This may not mean much to our clients initially because data exist only as a probability. Unless you are a theoretical physicist, or maybe a gambler, its hard to get excited about probabilities. Until you realize that in order to build software that transits data efficiently, you must first build a “transit-system” that can expand to accomodate all probabilities. To set off down this path, we focus our software development perspective on the ever-expanding principals of harmony created within the finite musical scale.

There are 12 notes in music – each a frequency of specific “steps” from the other. These steps create the framework of the musical staff – a solid, immutable structure. Yet, that regularly spaced, rigid and inflexible staff of 12 notes, creates a  never-ending  progression of beautiful, free-flowing symphonies. Out of a finite structure of 12 – streams the infinite. This is the kind of idea you can spend a lot of time discussing, and still not fully understand how it can be.

Ok, maybe I tend toward the dramatic a bit in these blogs – but the point is that music reveals that a simple, very easily understood structure can be built to accommodate all future possibilities.

We hope that our growing understanding of expandable data transit systems will result in great software. And ultimately, we hope it plays like a beautiful symphony of harmony for all clients and industry partners.

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